About Us

La Vie en Video is a personal narrative, documentary film production company. It provides a way to capture your life story, memories and reflections to preserve for future generations. A psychologist with over 30 years experience, I will design an interview to suit your specific focus. Roy Hatch, a professional videographer will film the interview in your home. He and I will edit and produce your personal keepsake video. You and yours will be pleased for years to come.


Christine Demment

Christine Carney Demment, Ph.D

Director & Producer
“The one people tell their stories to”

Christine has had a life-long interest in people’s stories and even as a child could be seen listening attentively to the experiences of those around her. For over 30 years she has heard people’s stories as a psychologist in order to help them make the changes they have desired in their lives. She has always been drawn to the positive – as evidenced by her doctoral dissertation on long-term, happy marriages, her charter membership in the International Positive Psychology Association, and the use of narrative therapy in her work.
In addition, having lived in France for 7 years, she understands different cultures and speaks perfect French.

She knows how to respectfully elicit your preferred stories to guide you in recording what you would most like people to know and remember about you – Your life, your story, your legacy.

Roy Hatch

Roy Hatch


Roy Hatch is a video professional with over 25 years experience as a producer, director and editor. His skills, honed on assignments for the networks, major corporate clients, as well as the History and Discovery channels, will assure your life story as told by La Vie En Video will be creatively and technically outstanding.

What People are Saying…

Sharon and Jimmy have been married for 40 years and enjoyed how the interview guided them through the telling of the story of their lives together – how they met, their individual family histories and the story of their life as a couple and as parents. Sharon found it “very powerful” and Jimmy was moved by the way the interview created an opportunity for them to talk together in ways they usually don’t. Watching the finished video, they both were visibly pleased and “really impressed” with the highly professional way it portrayed the story of their lives.

Tom Kearney, the proud father of an Olympic gold medalist and a professional hockey player said, “The most interesting thing about me is my kids.” So, Christine tailored the interview to elicit his stories about being a father – the influence of his parents and other people, the things he is proud of about his children and his hopes for what they will learn from his parenting. He said he is thrilled to have a legacy video to share with them.

Mary, Ruth’s daughter:
I have had the privilege of knowing Christine for 35 years. Her warmth, kindness, and amazing ability to tune right into one’s life with its ups and downs attracted me to her as a friend all those years ago. Her refusal to let distances weaken a friendship, her sense of humor, and her wonderful ability to listen, really listen, have kept our friendship strong since then.

Several years ago Christine said she would like to videotape Mom reading the letters Mom wrote to her mother during WWII, when Mom was a Navy WAVE. They worked together to include some biographical material to supplement the reading. Christine videotaped Mom as she interviewed her and interspersed explanatory dialog into the project. These many hours of oral history are now preserved as part of the Veterans’ History Project at the U.S. Library of Congress.

For our mother’s 90th birthday, Christine pulled together parts of her interview with Mom, including photos, and added wonderfully appropriate background music. She captured Mom’s sense of humor, sharp wit, and love of family so perfectly that it is difficult to believe she (Christine) is not a member of the family, herself. We six offspring, our children, and their children will delight in these recordings of our mother well into the future.

I can only encourage people to take the opportunity to video-record life stories for enjoyment, historic documentation, and fun. Who knows, working with Christine, one might re-discover forgotten golden nuggets in one’s life!

Jack, Ruth’s son:
Christine Demment and La Vie en Video created two outstanding video histories for my mom and our family. One now resides at the Library of Congress; the other in our family archives. Both videos created both a tribute to my mother and served as a great gift to us and our children. The birthday video, created from parts of the first longer one, focused on photographic highlights of my mom’s life, and was used as a presentation at a gathering of over 150 family members and friends to celebrate her 90th birthday. Christine caught the personality of my mom perfectly on film and her professional questioning and videographic skills are of the highest quality. My kids are reviewing the videos again and speak highly of—and with a thankful tone—of having these videos as part of their family history. We can all recommend, without reservation, that any person or family seeking to create a Storycorps quality video should seek the help of Christine and La Vie en Video.