What We Do

The importance of stories.

Stories define us and distinguish us from all other living things. Telling and hearing stories is transformative, invigorating, illuminating. Telling and preserving your story is all of those things for you and is an opportunity to leave your very own, unique legacy.

Here’s how La Vie en Video, a personal narrative, video production company works.

You decide to create a video legacy for people you care about and those who care about you now and in the future.

“You” could be an individual, a couple, friends, roommates, teammates, siblings, parents, business partners – or some other idea that you design – Maybe you want to create a video gift for someone far away.

You select the focus of your video. You choose the stories and images you would like your children, grandchildren, friends and others to remember about you.

You may even like to just narrate a description of your family history, accompanied by photos that you identify as we review the people you’ve selected. Wouldn’t it be nice for future generations to know who was who in those “old photos?”

After an initial consultation with you, Christine designs a personal interview, tailored to your specific request.

The interview is conducted in your home and filmed by a professional videographer, Roy Hatch. Christine and Roy edit the video to produce a professional quality, keepsake video.